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Bruce brings over 20 years of  media and audience research experience having worked for ABC-TV and Radio, Warner Communications, CableTelevision Advertising Bureau and Katz Communications.  He later spent over 25 years in Silicon Valley in senior management positions in charge of large software and infrastructure projects/operations for companies such as Gap Inc, Ticketmaster/LiveNation, TRW and four IT start-ups.  His latest major engagement was for Verizon where the managed their half-billion dollar contract with the California Correctional HealthCare Services, a role that required extensive knowledge of state government and medical practices and medical records security/privacy laws.

Bruce has been involved with several non-profits since the 1980’s and was an instrumental contributor and legal analyst summarizing court rulings for 7 years on a website that tracked the legal fight to obtain nationwide same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

His technical and analytical skills, together with a lot of organizational experience provides VRON-PS with the data strategies it requires to stay focused on the important (and ever changing) vacation rental ordinances and roll-out policies in Palm Springs.

Reason for co-founding VRON-PS:

After purchasing a PS vacation rental Labor Day, 2015, I became instantly involved protecting vacation rentals after learning of the first City Council VR ordinance modifications on July 4th, 2016.  I listened to the hundreds of voices of individual VR homeowners submitting letters and 2-minutes comments at the City Council meeting. These voices were basically ignored as more onerous ordinances were rushed into law from October, 2016 to February, 2017.  

As individual homeowners, there was no single group representing us and we have been successfully perceived as out-of-town, greedy corporations with no community involvement. These inaccurate perceptions will take a long-term strategy to correct.   I care about Palm Springs and our historic neighborhoods and believe the time is overdue to present the actual facts about vacation rentals and their importance to the people of Palm Springs as a major contributor to what keeps Palm Springs known across the globe: tourism.

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