Founders No Longer Serving on the Board

BRIAN WILSON: Co-Founder & Member

Groups Affiliated With:

  • Palm Springs Regional Association of Realtors
  • Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, Trap and Release Program

Professional Background:

Brian is a seasoned Southern California real estate professional. His background includes experience in residential and commercial sales and leasing, asset management for distressed properties, and finance. 

After graduating from the distinguished Entrepreneur Program with a BS in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, Brian`s career first started in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, CA. While working at 20th Century Fox, Brian gained experience on the corporate side of film production. 

He later transitioned his career to real estate within the greater Los Angeles area. With experience in both the residential and commercial real estate industry, Brian was able to blend his personal interest in architecture with his business skills and his desire to help others. Brian has lived his entire life in Southern California, and has frequented the Coachella Valley since 1980. He moved full time to the desert in 2012. He has seen Palm Springs through many different chapters, and is excited to be actively involved in this vibrant, unique desert oasis.

Reason for co-founding VRON-PS:

I became alarmed when I began to hear vacation rental owners portrayed as careless people who didn't care about Palm Springs. I had personally worked with several people who not only owned vacation rentals, but also opened up businesses in town that were helping locals better their lives, provide for their families, and contribute to life and community here. These people were very involved here and also loved Palm Springs. They didn't fit the stereotype that was being described whatsoever.

Disappointed with so much stereotyping, and witnessing the same sort of profiling that spurred much of my volunteerism during the early days of the marriage equality debate in California, I became committed to help spread a balanced message, help decipher fact from fiction, and encouraged the community to speak up to defend themselves. Much of this sentiment came to the surface over the weekend leading up to the July 4th, 2016 holiday. I became aware of the City Council's sudden attempts at passing a vacation rental moratorium, and was alarmed they placed it on the agenda while most people were off enjoying the holiday with friends and family. I immediately created a petition campaign and spent several days helping spread the word on social media and gathering signatures. Thankfully, these efforts helped bring attention to what was happening, and helped galvanize over 3,000 concerned citizens, visitors and homeowners. A newsletter continues to this day.

I wholeheartedly believe that there is a way to create a responsible vacation rental ordinance that balances the obvious needs of our tourist community and the locals who support it with the legitimate concerns some residents have regarding vacation rental use. My involvement with VRON-PS is to encourage that process via communication with residents, owners, employees and city officials all along the way. 

SHON TOMLIN: Co-Founder & Member

Groups Affiliated with:

  • Member of the City of Palm Springs Ethics & Transparency Task Force 
  • Board Member – Boys & Girls Club of Palm Springs
  • Vice President / Co-Founder – 1 Giant Mind (non-profit)

Professional Background

Shon is a media and marketing executive who has over 25 years of experience in television, cable, and digital entertainment.  As the former SVP of Programming & Marketing at FOX Cable Network’s FUEL TV, Tomlin led the creative programming development and marketing across TV, print, digital, and social media.

With five Emmy Awards credited to his portfolio, Shon has produced works for many major networks such as National Geographic, where he executive produced the 2016 Emmy Award winning documentary, Wild Yellowstone

Shon brings a skillset of media and marketing savvy to VRON-PS as one if its objectives is to document fact, and to share true and engaging stories about vacation rentals and their relation to Palm Spring’ history of tourism, diversity, and livelihood. 

Reason for co-founding VRON-PS

I have been visiting Palm Springs since 1988 and have always cherished the freedom visitors have when it comes to how they experience the city – from historic hotels to renting a home or condo. 

After years of visiting from LA and Orange County, I finally decided to make Palm Springs my primary residence and offer my home for guests to enjoy throughout the seasons. 

I believe this tradition of sharing your home is healthy for all neighbors and the community, but only when done responsibly. With so much misinformation, and in some cases misuse of the privilege, I believed there was a need for an organization that promoted and defended responsible homesharing and short term rentals. 


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