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Kenny Cassady is VP of Business Development and Government Relations for Oranj Palm Vacation Homes and Palm Springs Rental Agency, and leads the team responsible for all aspects of the Oranj Palm homeowner partner experience. He is focused specifically on developing the Oranj Palm portfolio of properties, and advocating for their homeowner partners and the vacation rental industry. Kenny was also involved with fundraising and speaking engagements for "We Love Palm Springs - Vote NO on Measure C," the 2018 ballot initiative to ban Palm Springs vacation rentals, which was defeated by a 70-30% margin.

A Palm Springs local since 2002, Kenny is a keen architecture, design and real estate connoisseur, often interviewed and presenting to local realtors and at industry conferences. He has made a career in development and sales, including most recently as Development Director at Equality California, and formerly in a senior director position at American Heart Association.  He also has a history of volunteer involvement, locally as Vice Chair of the City of Palm Springs Architectural Advisory Committee, and a regular contributor to Modernism Week. He is also a former director of the Palm Springs Modern Committee and appointed member of the City of Palm Springs Historic Site Preservation Board.

Born in Germany but a California resident most of his life, Kenny loves that the weather in Palm Springs allows him to indulge in his outdoor passions for hiking, biking, classic cars and modern architecture.

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